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Early Years Consultant 

Helping Nurseries to Excel

You love your nursery, but you’re feeling restless, and ready for change.

I will help get you and your business moving to the right beat.

It’s about the journey, and I will hold your hand throughout the entire process.

Meet Your Consultant, Dilia

My career has progressed through many years of experience within the childcare industry. I went through the ranks; Starting as a nursery teacher, room leader, deputy manager, nursery manager, area manager of outstanding rated nurseries and now I am continuing my journey as an early years consultant and sharing my wealth of experience and knowledge with providers like you.

I have been in your shoes, this is one of the many reasons why I am probably the best person to help you…

Via my Early Years Consultancy service I provide help and guidance to nurseries. I assist early years settings to continuously achieve high levels of teaching and also child care standards they desire.

I have been working in the early years field since 2005. In my time in the sector, I have managed early years settings including being part of a new nursery from the first day and also managing to bringing it through to maturity– with a different mix of parents and little ones with their varied needs.

Also, I have managed and maintained the quality of care and also the education and learning needs of a group of nurseries as a Area Manager. Before creating my early years consultancy service and offering consultancy solutions to child care providers.

Like yourself, I know the necessity to deliver top quality child care and also education and learning for young children in Early Years and I am passionate about working with staff to ensure absolute best practice. I have worked with teams that have achieved Outstanding at their latest Ofsted inspections. I especially enjoy establishing lasting working relationships with providers to not just attain the outstanding results they desire and also to continue to assist them to maintain and improve over the months and years to come.

My approach is to be direct and also frank with providers I deal with, this is to quickly establish the areas where we can make the highest impact and also to act promptly to make fast improvements. Because of my background as a practitioner and also manager of nurseries I know the difficulties you encounter both from the educational and regulations perspective. I know the necessity to influence and motivate your team and to include every team member to give their very best to your setting. I’m friendly and available to everyone — from the business owner to the most recent joiner, and know that everyone has a significant part to play if your nursery is going to attain the very best grading and also the brightest future…

In addition to my wealth of experience in the industry, I also keep myself up-to date with the latest developments and childcare qualifications.

  • I have a BA(Hons) in philology
  • International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy : Infant Toddler Course Montessori Center International – City of London, LND
  • NVQ Level 3 : In Childcare, Aura Learn Learning Centre – City of London, LND
  • Certificate of Higher Education : Montessori Assistant , Association Montessori International – City of London, LND

I am passionate about early years subject and my passion enabled me to go through years of constant study in Early Years education and I am happy to share my experience and knowledge with you. Get in touch with me to discuss how I can help you with your early years settings journey…

Nursery Consultancy

Leadership and management development, guidance & 1-2-1 Business Support

Mock OFSTED inspection visits.

OFSTED compliance.

Pre- inspection preparation .

Post OFSTED inspection support and focussed improvement plans

Bespoke training to develop the skills of your practitioners

Developing a quality provision and best practise & Quality Improvement Mentoring
Policies, procedures improvement and documentation for all of your childcare operational needs
Keeping up to date with the latest childcare developments & information

Implementing the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Training needs analysis and inset day planning
Safeguarding procedures
Behavior management
Mystery Shopper Service
Implementing Montessori Curriculum (If Applicable)

Childcare Consultancy

Still have questions? Ask me anything…

Take advantage of my knowledge and expertise, there is no obligation. If you have a specific question drop me a line.

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